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Our 30 minute consultation is where we get to know each other.  You can tell us what your health concerns are and how it they are affecting your life. We'll discuss the best treatment plan that will help you achieve your goals and answer any questions about acupuncture that you may have.

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We will book your 90 minute initial appointment or you can book an initial appointment online! This is when we get a full medical history, pulse diagnosis, and physical evaluation.


After your evaluation, you'll have a full acupuncture session based on your chief complaint. The needles are retained in the body for approximately 30 minutes...in that time, your job is to relax!


After the treatment, we design a plan that facilitates the most effective results in the shortest period of time. The sooner you feel better, the faster you can return to living the life you love.

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70 E. Lake St., STE 630
Chicago, IL 60601
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