Chinese herbs.  

We provide our patients with herbal formulas that come in a granule form...(it looks like instant coffee). The prescribed amount of herbs are mix with hot water to make a tea....bottoms up!

Click the button below to book your exciting 30 minute herbs appointment.  We love talking about the medicinal benefits of sticks, leaves, and seeds! 


Did you know that one of our most used herbs is cinnamon?!  Now you know!

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs,  are used to treat systemic illness in the body, either acute or chronic.  We utilize pulse diagnostics to evaluate organ systems to find an appropriate, individualized herbal formula whether it be to treat fertility, GI issues, or cardiovascular health. 


The term 'herbal formula' refers to a combination of different roots, leaves, seeds, fruits, minerals, and animal products that are used as medicine.  Building a balanced formula that is specific to the individual is key to the proper use of

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